The Fit Pro Foodie’s Mission  

Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it!
~ Maya Angelou ~

Hello, my name is Tammy LeBoss.

Welcome to The FitPro Foodie blog! Although I created this health and wellness site mainly for those new to personal training, I also invite all health and fitness enthusiasts. If only I had known! Let me share with you training insights that I wish I had known when I started out in 1997.

I have been a personal trainer, a yoga and Pilates instructor for over 19 years. My objective is to help others find fun, fitness and joy in healthy living and eating. Eating clean does not have to be boring–it can be delicious and fun. I travel far and wide to find the best tasting Gluten-Free foods that nourish, heal and satisfy the tummy.

The FitPro Foodie can become your next Go-To on personal training, nutrition, and happiness. As fitness professionals, we wear many hats and we face many challenges. The articles provided in this blog will help you to meet these challenges whether you’re new to personal training, or experienced.

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